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For a very long time my diving explorations and underwater photography focused almost exclusively on shipwrecks. Over time, however, I became more and more interested in the marine life that had transformed these shipwrecks into magnificent artificial reef sites. And as my own metamorphosis continued, my love of underwater photography led me to appreciate the beauty of the creatures inhabiting this world for their own sake. While I have not lost my passion for exploring and photographing shipwrecks, I have become equally happy making images of the fascinating array of creatures living in the sea. I only hope that you enjoy the selection of images here half as much as I enjoyed making them!

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Some of the best marine life diving in the world can be found in the US/Canadian Pacific Northwest, with colors to rival any warm-water reefWhales are simply one of the most majestic creatures to be found in the seaThe endangered salmon of the Pacific Northwest are one of the most fascinating fish to be found in both fresh & salt water
The Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro) are a lonely outpost in the Pacific off Baha where pelagic marine species can often be found in abundanceThe Solomon Islands, East of Australia, are home to some of the richest reef ecosystems found anywhereAgamemnon Channel in British Columbia is a fascinating and rich deep-water channel teeming with marine life

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