Film is Not Dead . . .

Despite popular belief, film is not (yet) dead. While we are rapidly approaching a time when our youngest generation may not even know what film is (or perhaps we are there already), there are still those who shoot old-fashioned film. For me, there is something "magical" about looking at a large negative on a lightbox that brings back the nostalgia of the darkroom. I admit I probably have no more use for 35mm film, but 120 roll film is still a wonderful medium to play with. Today you can buy used medium format cameras and lenses at a fraction of their original cost, and film and chemicals are readily available. What to do with those wonderful negatives? My current solution is to digitize them with a lightbox and digital camera. Which of course begs the question, why shoot film if you are going to digitize it? I don't have a good answer to that, other than "I just plain like it sometimes." So for what it is worth, here is a selection of (mostly) recent images shot on Ilford 120 black & white film.

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Savage MillHoward County ConservancyCentennial Park

Patapsco State ParkSt. Mary's MonasterySavage Mill
St. Mary's MonasterySt. Mary's MonasteryCentennial Park
Cape HatterasEverett, WashingtonMonocacy canon
Seneca Quarry RuinsOld TractorOld Tractor

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