Shipwrecks: US East Coast-2018

June 2018, Cape Hatteras, NC

Wreck of the Proteus

Dave Etichison and Mike Powell photographing the Proteus' propellerThe wreck's boilers will likely stand forever...
The sand tiger sharks were near the bow this trip...Inside the bow

Wreck of the Dixie Arrow

Looking down on the Dixie Arrow's engine, toward the stern, where the rudder post can be seen still standing upright; Dave Etchison and Mike Powell scootering toward the stern.Hunting jacks disrupt a school of baitfish near the Dixie Arrow's bow. The scene reminded me of photographs I've seen of a mumuration of starlings and a bird of prey.

Wreck of the Tamaulipas (Far East Tanker), Bow Section

Karen Flynn exploring inside the Tamaulipas' upside-down bow section. Holes in her hull allow light and schools of fish to stream into the interior.

Wreck of the British Splendor

Barracuda cleaning stationThe stern is the most intact section these days...
The Splendor still has a number of areas where you can get inside of the upside-down hull, but they are getting tight!
Marauding jacks and a rayAnother barracuda cleaning station beneath the engine crankshaft

Offshore Thunderstorms and the Milky Way

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