Shipwrecks: US East Coast

Images from 2015 Dive Season

September 2015, Pt. Pleasant, NJ:

Joe Mazraani scooters along the stern section of the "Terror Wreck," a shipwreck whose identity has never been positively determined.Starboard side of the USS St. Augustine, a World War II convoy escort sunk in a collision on January 6, 1944 with a large loss of life.

August 2015, Presque Isle, Lake Huron

In August, Mike Boring set up a trip to Michigan, where six of us dived some incredible shipwrecks in clear, COLD fresh water that were simply mind-boggling.......

Presque Isle, Lake Huron

August 2015, Pt. Pleasant, NJ: USS Murphy

Tom Packer explores the bow section of the destroyer USS Murphy. The ship was cut in two during convoy operations during World War II, on October 21, 1943; the bow section sank while the stern remained afloat, was rebuilt and returned to service. Thirty-six men were lost in the collision.

July 2015, Montauk, NY:

Joe Mazraani beneath the stern of the USS Bass, a submarine sunk as a weapons test target in 1945.An unidentified steamship south of Montauk, lying in 335 feet of water. (left) An old steam engine and a couple of boilers, enshrouded in fishing nets; (right) a helmstand lying in the debris field.

July 2015, Cape Hatteras, NC:

The magnificent stern of the huge tanker EM Clark. The wreck lies on the edge of the Gulfstream and is more often than not buffeted by fierce currents--it's a rare day when you can swim about the wreck with impunity--of course, a scooter helps!
Scenes from the massive tanker EM Clark: (left) Dave Etchison swims over the ships starboard gunwale, looking down at a scene of devastation spread out across the sand; (center) Sand tiger sharks circle beneath the ship's bow; (right) The sand alongside the prone tanker is strewn with debris that once formed the ship's deck structures.

June 2015, Cape Hatteras, NC:

Kneeling on the sand next to the Dixie Arrow's bow, an army of rays came swimming toward me just as a shark rounded the ship's stem.The tanker Dixie Arrow's engine and a condenser.
Inside the partly broken, upside-down hull of the tanker Lancing, I found a group of sand tiger sharks circling the ship's inards.Karen Flynn explores the wreck of the Nevada, alongside an ancient box boiler.
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