The Ghost of Cassiopeia (IC 63 and IC 59)

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IC59 and IC63, sometimes called the 'Ghost of Cassiopeia,' are a pair of reflection/emission nebula near the bright star Gamma Cassiopeia (out of the frame in this image) in the constellation Cassiopeia. This nebula pair is quite faint and a bit of a challenge to image. Here, the emission part of the nebula was fairly easily picked up by shooting frames through a narrowband, H-alpha filter. The reflection part of the nebula, in blue, was much more challenging, and is barely visible here. This would benefit from longer exposure times, or a darker sky site.

  Optics:GSO RC-8 
  Camera:QHY268M cooled CMOS camera 
  Exposure info:45 x 10 mins Ha, 20 x 5 mins R, 20 x 5 mins G, 40 x 5 mins B 
  Filters used:Astronomik Ha, RGB filters 
  Date:Fall 2023 
  Processing:Pixinsight-->Photoshop-->Topaz deNoise AI-->Lightroom