Cederblad 51 in the Constellation Orion

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Cederblad 51 seems to be a somewhat obscure combination of emission and reflection nebula located in the head of the constellation Orion. I have not been able to find out very much about this region, or locate any scientific papers related to it. The reflection nebula is a small blueish region that does not show up very well in this image, near the star centered in the "knot" of hydrogen-alpha and dark nebulosity near the image center. Perhaps this will show up better if imaged at higher resolution....

Optics:70mm Stellarvue refractor w/ reducer-flattener (FL 336mm)
Camera:ZWO ASI 1600MM cooled CMOS camera
Exposure info:7.5 hours Luminance / 5.75 hours RGB / 6.25 hours Halpha
Filters used:Astronomik H-alpha, LRGB
date:March 2021


H-alpha filter