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Selene, Luna, Mani, Ilargi, Chandra, Tsukuyomi, Lona, Bahloo, Metztli, Alignak

(Greek, Roman, Norse, Basque, Hindu, Japanese, Hawaiian, Australian Aboriginal, Aztec, Inuit)

Just as the Sun rules the daytime sky, the Moon (often) rules the night sky. The above names are words for "moon god" in a host of mythological cultures, and the list is certainly not exhaustive.

As the closest astronomical body to earth, the Moon reveals more detail than anything else in the heavens, yet in some ways it is more difficult to photograph than objects further away. The images below are a start, and I hope to add more images as I learn more about photographing it.

March 22, 2021April 24, 2021
waxing gibbous, ~64% illuminatedwaxing gibbous, ~93% illuminated