Crescent Nebula Region (NGC 6888) in the Constellation Cygnus

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The Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888) is an emission nebula lying along the "spine" of Cygnus the Swan among clouds of ionized hydrogen gas. The nebula itself is an interaction of stellar wind from the hot, massive central Wolf-Rayet star (WR 136) with its own outer envelope, which was apparently shed in an earlier episode of ejection. These extremely hot stars have largely depleted their supply of hydrogen and have moved on to fuse helium and/or heavier elements in their core. WR 136 is expected to explode as a supernova within a few hundred thousand years.

Optics:Stellarvue SVQ100
Camera:ZWO ASI 1600MM cooled CMOS camera
Mount:iOptron iEQ30 Pro (auto-guided)
Exposure info:two-panel mosaic, ~ 10 hours total exposure
Filters used:Astrodon H-alpha (5 nm), OIII (3 nm), Red Continuum
date:October 2017