NGC 281: The "Pacman Nebula"

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This fairly small nebula is located in the constellation Cassiopeia. The nebula is estimated to lie approximately 10,000 light years away and spans roughly 15 arc-minutes across. I think that this is my best effort so far with my new monochrome camera and narrow band filters. The total integration time is approximately 12 hours, with processing in Pixinsight and Photoshop CC, and is presented in a modified Hubble palette.

 Optics:Stellarvue SVT102 & field flattener 
Camera:ZWO ASI 1600MM cooled CMOS camera 
Exposure info:31 x 600 sec H-alpha, 20 x 600 sec OIII, 16 x 900 sec SII 
Filters used:Astrodon H-alpha, OIII, SII (5, 3, 5 nm) & red continuum 
date:December 2016