Heart & Soul Nebula with Double Cluster

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A wide-field image spanning across the constellations Cassiopeia and Perseus. Two large emission nebula, the Heart Nebula (IC1805, upper left) and the Soul Nebula (IC1848, lower left) glow strongly at the wavelength of ionized hydrogen, giving the nebula a strong red coloration. Nearby (right) lie the twin open clusters NGC 869 & 884, commonly called the "Double Cluster." These magnificent clusters can be seen with the naked eye at a reasonably dark sky site.

I have reprocessed this image in modified Hubble palette for the nebula, while the star cluster is in 'normal' RGB color.

 Optics:Canon 200mm lens at f/4 
Camera:astro-modified Canon T6D 
Exposure info:51 x 240 sec iso800 RGB, 31 x 240 sec iso1600 H-alpha, 14 x 600 sec iso1600 OIII /td>
Filters used:none, Astronomik CLS, H-alpha, OIII (12 nm) 
date:August-September 2016